Ugie Moodley, Clinical Dental Technologist

"Just want to say thank you for a wonderful job you made of my dentures. I have had nothing but praise at how good they look from work colleagues, to family and friends. They say they look so natural that they cant even tell they are false. Looking forward to seeing my daughter today as she comes up from Wellington for a week as she hasnt seen them yet. So once again thanks for a great job, they are working perfectly at the moment and eating is ok as well. Catch up with you when reline needs doing in 6 months."

My new dentures have given me my confidence back! I now eat out without the worry of my teeth falling out and embarrassing me.” Former school teacher Mary stopped eating out after an embarrassing incident that saw her loose dentures slip from her mouth and clatter onto the floor in the middle of an aisle in a fast food outlet where she was enjoying a burger lunch with her daughter. Devastated Mary says this was not the first incident: “I was so embarrassed, people stared and laughed."