A great pair of dentures can transform your smile. Get rid of your old dentures and reward yourself with a new pair from Niche Denture Centre. Ugie Moodley is well known for her dedication to the PERFECT FIT dentures. Don't live with the discomfort of badly made dentures. Choose high quality dentures from Niche Denture Centre and start living your life to the full.

First time dentures

Full denturesAre you ready to cross over to dentures? Don't fear getting dentures for the first time; it is an opportunity to get the smile you always wanted. Many people are anxious at the thought of getting dentures. They needn't be, because advancements in Dental Technology have made it possible for you to be fitted with quality dental appliances that look very natural and are comfortable and discreet.

Not sure what dentures are? They are set of artificial or false teeth. Dentures are useful to people who have suffered total or partial tooth loss. Dentures are made to look similar to natural teeth and are fairly easy to use and maintain. If properly made a Denture can look very natural, due to advancements in Denture making.

Full dentures

A full denture is used for someone who has lost all of their teeth and has no natural teeth left. A full denture consists of a full set of teeth replicating natural teeth. The teeth are glued onto a plastic base that fits over the gums.

A full denture has many benefits. It allows you to get a whole new smile and a brand new set of teeth. A full denture can be made to look very natural. A full denture will fill out your cheeks giving you a younger look and allow you to chew your food better. Your lips will also have better support looking fuller and thicker. Your speech will improve, making it easier for you to articulate words.

Partial dentures

Partial denturesA partial denture is used for people who still have some of their natural teeth remaining.

A partial denture has many benefits. It allows you to still use your remaining teeth while filling in the ones that are missing. The additional teeth allow you to chew better. Your speech is improved and your cheeks are filled out giving you a younger look. Partial dentures also aid your speech, making it easier for you to articulate words. It balances your bite so you’ll chew better,And it blends in with the natural tissues for a beautiful smile.


Denture relining is a procedure where new lining is placed where the denture comes into contact with the gums.

Gums shrink and the contours of the gum line change. As a result a denture may no longer fit properly. A reline is done to make the denture match the contour of the gum. Relining a denture allows the denture to fit more snugly. A denture reline will alleviate pain caused by improperly fitting dentures.

Denture repairs

Denture repairsWhen your denture breaks or a tooth falls out of your denture, this is an emergency. At Niche Denture Centre we strive to repair your denture in the shortest possible time. We know that life without your denture can be impossible.

You need your denture for eating, talking, socialising, working and just about everything else. At Niche Denture Centre we will repair your denture while you wait. Same day denture repairs is necessary; so you can get on with your life. Avoid damage to your denture by storing it in a safe place when not in use. Dentures break when they are dropped on a hard surface like floor tiles. A badly fitting denture may slip out of your mouth and fall on the floor. Bring your denture to Niche Denture Centre and let us have a look at it.

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