About Our Clinic

Niche Denture Centre has been in operation since 2003 and is owned by Ugie Moodley. Ugie is a practicing Clinical Dental Technologist and has 15+ years Dental Technology practical experience behind her. She qualified at the University of Otago in Dunedin with a PGDipCDTECH and has been practising Clinical Dentistry ever since.

Ugie Moodley, Clinical Dental Technologist

Ugie Moodley

As one of the top denture makers in Auckland, Ugie Moodley says, "Denture technology has advanced substantially in recent years, leading to dentures that look and perform better, so people no longer have to live with dentures that are unbearable to wear."

"Niche Denture Centre has a very high success rate, simply because we listen to our patients and give them what they need. We don't try to convince you that pain is normal because it isn't. Dentures should fit your gums, not the other way around."

Each case is treated individually by Ugie herself, until you are 100% happy with your denture fit and performance.

Niche Denture Centre is committed to delivering high quality, comfortable dentures to the Howick and surrounding areas.

Our materials are of high grade and are made to withstand every day wear and tear.

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