Frequently Asked Questions

Ugie Moodley, Clinical Dental Technologist

My friend has dentures and she can eat everything but I struggle to eat most foods with mine. Why?

You may have a badly made denture. Your denture should be strong enough for you to eat everything. At Niche Denture Centre, the eating function is set in the "try in" stage, so you will never have problems with eating a variety of foods. Every denture is masterfully crafted with the best materials and the highest technical standard.

My dentures look like false teeth. What can be done to make them look more natural?

Dentures can be made to look as natural as real teeth. At Niche Denture Centre you can now choose to have a celebrity white smile or the smile you had 20 years ago. You will receive a trial set to take home and ask for loved ones opinions. Your final set will only be made once you are 100% satisfied with the trial pair.


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