Exceptional Partial Dentures in East Auckland

The purpose of partial dentures are to replace dentition that individuals have lost, meaning they are targeted at people who still have some of their natural teeth. This kind of denture relies on existing teeth for support, and also prevents these support teeth from migrating due to the lack of neighbouring teeth. Niche Denture Centre provide custom partial dentures to ensure that your smile will remain radiant for years to come.

Mastication is also an important function that partial dentures facilitate. Rather than simply chewing, mastication allows for enough saliva to be generated to allow your food to be swallowed easily, and therefore mitigate digestive problems.

When teeth migrate, many mouth problems can result. Bite problems can cause headaches, earaches, and potentially difficulty moving the jaw due to extreme pain. Issues related to teeth migration can often be initially identified from a clicking or popping sound.

Partial denture background information

Partial dentures serve several purposes. Apart from preventing tooth migration, they aid with a wide range of general mouth function, such as aiding chewing, preventing the sagging of cheeks and lips, and making it significantly easier to articulate words.

In terms of construction, partial dentures retaining clasps made of flexible metal or from flexible and colour appropriate plastic material for aesthetic purposes. Partial dentures can be constructed in a combination of metal and acrylic, or purely out of the diverse acrylic available.

Find out more about partial dentures

If you need partial dentures, or have partial dentures you need to fix, don’t hesitate to contact Niche Denture Centre for more information. You can contact us via phone on (09) 533 0036, or send through any questions and queries via our contact form. Niche Denture Centre serve East Auckland, including Botany, Howick and Pakuranga

We also provide other denture services, such as full dentures and denture implants, so if you need help with your teeth, Niche Denture Centre should be your first stop.