Denture implants in East Auckland

Denture implants offer the same great benefits offered with regular dentures, such as a brand-new smile and an easier way to eat and talk. They do offer more than conventional dentures, however.

Denture implants are a great choice for individuals who wish for dentures with more stability. The stability that implants provide aid with talking and eating, meaning day-to-day living is generally much simpler. Implants are also more suitable for lower gum lines, as dentures designed for lower gums are more often less stable that those designed for the upper gums.

Denture implant information

Due to the potentially unstable nature of traditional dentures, it is an undeniably good feeling knowing your dentures won’t fall out in inconvenient circumstances. For all those Sunday lunches that you’ve been cautious about smiling too wide for, or eating specific kinds of food at, denture implants will help you reduce your worry significantly.

The denture implant procedure can take several months, during which you will use a temporary pair of dentures. First, your dentist will place an implant into your jawbone and your gum will be secured over the implant. When you return to your dentist, your implant is uncovered and an extension attached. When your gum tissue has healed around this extension, the implant and extension act as the foundation for your brand-new tooth.

Think you can benefit from denture implants?

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If you are only needing dentures for some of your teeth, Niche Denture Centre also provide a service for partial dentures.